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Following the wrong advice, or just ‘winging it’ with marketing, can be time consuming and costly.

Solution….Find out what is best for YOUR business.

We have 2 options to help businesses understand marketing.

Whether you’re doing your marketing yourself, or dealing with an agency, it is important for you, as a business owner, to understand how marketing works. You need to know what is happening, and what expectations you should have. Even knowing where to start can be a problem.

Marketing is different for every business, because every business is different. What works for one product, service or target market, will not work for the next.

Join our training sessions:

Pick N Mix Marketing Workshop

An online workshop that you can do at your own pace and refer to whenever you need to do a refresher. 

This covers the absolute fundamentals any business needs to know to start marketing —

  • Identify what your key marketing message is
  • Identify in detail who exactly your target audience is
  • Go through a huge range of online and offline marketing options available and how they work
  • Help you identify what marketing platforms are best suited for YOUR business.
  • Identify which social media platforms are right for YOUR business (It’s unlikely to be all of them.)

We do not use jargon. This is an easy to follow workshop for anyone, regardless of their current knowledge of marketing. Even better, it is broken down into several short videos with 1 worksheet to do as you go along.

Easy and entertaining. FREE (for a limited time)!

FUNdamental Marketing Training

PR Marketing Solutions can take business or training groups through everything they need to know on current marketing trends.

From the fundamentals to special tips and tricks we use with our clients. You just need to pick the topic your group would most like to learn about with marketing.

How to establish your ideal target audience, creating your own unique marketing message, How to create an online presence, websites, how to read your marketing reports & Google analytics, Social media, eCommerce just to give you a few ideas or ask for something specific to your group’s needs.

Digital marketing changes constantly and it is almost impossible to keep up with social media platforms and Google. We will keep you informed with the new developments and how they work at the current time.

Due to the fact we are a full marketing agency there isn’t a topic we can’t shed some light on for you.

Tell us the topic you’re interested in, the time available to present as well as who the audience will be and Phillippa will put a presentation together.

Phillippa is known to be a very animated speaker able to keep her audience interested and simplify even the most technical areas of marketing. Even if you are a total novice to marketing you will be able to follow what she is talking about and leave with some really practical things to implement yourself in your business.

Again, if you’re having Phillippa present for your group expect a few laughs and honest answers.

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