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Where do I start and how does it work?

A comprehensive Marketing Plan contains strategies formulated to achieve business growth and profit objectives. It outlines the specific actions you want to take, to build interest from potential customers and clients about your products and/or services.

Deciding where to start and which strategies will suit your business can be hard work and time consuming. This is where PR Marketing Solutions can help.

Your working environment constantly changes, whether through advances in technology, new platforms, or new features being released. You need to be able to make changes to your marketing quickly, and have a well throughout plan that works right now, but can quickly adapt for changes as they happen.

This is why we start the marketing journey with businesses by completing our FUNdamental Marketing Plan.

In this plan, we review what your business is currently doing with your marketing and create an immediate 90-day plan.

  • This lets you know what’s working and what isn’t. There’s no flash marketing terminology, graphs or anything else jazzed up to pull the wool over your eyes – just an easy-to-read report.
  • We review your website, social pages, newsletters, flyers, ads, and any other marketing related activities.
  • You’ll discover what to keep, change, get rid of and add to your marketing to help you make the changes needed in the current environment.


This FUNdamental Marketing Plan will be available to you a week after we receive your information.

ONLY $995+gst

From here, the following 2 options are available...

Take the DIY approach...

You got this! Take away your strategy plan and implement it yourself!


Become one of our FUNdamental Marketing System Clients

The 90-day packages are designed to get in and do the overhaul of the recommended changes as quickly as possible and to set up and manage the new plan designed to move their business in the right way. Clients that then become part of our FUNdamental Marketing System have PR Marketing Solutions manage all aspects of their marketing, operating as the equivalent to a full in-house marketing team but at a fraction of the cost. This includes:
  • Building and maintaining your website, 
  • Social media management, Google & Social media ads, 
  • Newsletters or emails
  •  Coordinating and organising other marketing requirements with graphic designers, photographers, video production and traditional/non-traditional marketing platforms.

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