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Set-up and Management of eCommerce Stores

Selling your products and services online is not just a great way to get directly in front of your ideal customer but to also increase the number of customers you can have – especially nowadays with the new normal of having a strong online presence.  The importance of being able to continue the operations of your business online is a high priority and we are here to help.

There are many parts in being successful in selling online and at PR Marketing Solutions, we specialise in the whole process.

From creating your website and online store, to managing all that it involves, plus all the marketing required to pull people into your store. We do it all.

We also ensure that everything is measurable and provide monthly reports, so you are always aware of your ROI (Return on Investment)

PR Marketing Solutions is backed by years of experience and technical knowledge from both Phillippa’s years working with NZ’s 3rd largest eCommerce site and retail background, and Mike’s experience from his own business eBusinessonline.

Not only are we partnered with some of NZ’s leading e-commerce platforms such as Shopify, Woo Commerce and ECWID, but Mike is also NZ’s only ECWID expert.

Every job starts with a conversation with our client to understand their business, their services, and their requirements for their online store.

All technical knowledge and information are translated to even the most technically challenged clients to ensure everyone understand what is happening and what we can achieve togther,

We can start from scratch when building your eCommerce Online Store and we can also help you select the best platform for your business. We have expert certification in Shopify, ECWID and WOO Commerce and we are NZ’s only experts in ECWID.

Initial set-up of your eCommerce and online store

We can manage your online store on an ongoing basis or we can provide training to you and your staff so that you can do this. No matter how technically challenged you are, we make sure to translate all of the processes and systems in words that make sense to you.

Managing your online store or providing training so you can

If you find that your current eCommerce platform isn’t serving you and your business needs, we can help you select one that will and also do the work to assist with the complete change-over. Prior to the migration we test the functionality of the platform to ensure all of your booking systems and other technology can easily integrate into the new one.

Helping you change your eCommerce platform

Starting from scratch? We can create a website that has all of the eCommerce functions needed to sell your services and products online. Payment systems, currency converters, booking systems and any other features unique to your business can be incorporated into your sites. Most importantly, we can ensure a customised look to help you stand out from everyone else online.

Full eCommerce Websites

Most eCommerce platforms have other capabilities than just helping people buy online. Some are integrated with your marketing to send emails, newsletters & social ads/posts. We can help set up these functions &/or run them for you. Transferring from one platform or system to another is often not a seamless task but we can manage this process, making sure all your products are transferred & set up correctly.

Full Integration of eCommerce Platforms

Have your products and services recommended when people search Google. Promote your services and products to people who are actively searching Google with Google Ads and Google shopping. Reach the right people at the right time, increase online sales, and bring new visitors to your eCommerce store with our help.

eCommerce for Google Ads

Every eCommerce store should have a social media presence unique to them and we can assist you with creating one. We can write social posts that direct traffic to your eCommerce store, educate people about your products and services, and gain your business an online audience. Paid advertising on social media is one of the most proven successful ways to drive traffic to your online store but with all the competition out there and daily changing algorithms to deal with it can be hard to master and get the best ROI you can. This is an area we specialise in so can set up and manage all your social media advertising.

eCommerce for Social Media

Real Results from Real Clients

Results from a single eCommerce advertising campaign on Facebook achieving a 50.56 return on ad spend for our client.

Results from a single eCommerce advertising campaign on Google achieving a 14.51 return on ad spend for another one of our clients.

Another recent Facebook campaign that resulted in over $10,000 in sales from only $470 advertising spend – 21.44 return on ad spend.

Check Out Some of Our Clients

By focusing on design and user experience, our client’s websites are built for success and provide amazing eCommerce experiences for their own customers. Using our expertise in both Google and Social Media advertising, we ensure that our clients can get their products in front of active buyers ready to purchase.


My company worked with PR Marketing for 3 years to help with social media posts, Google Ads, Facebook ads, my e-newsletters- just about everything.
Couldn’t be happier with the results. Always attentive. And good fun!
Can highly recommend.
– Jeff Franks, Owner



You guys have been fab to work with – really appreciate the huge effort and great communication.
We look forward to continuing working with you in future!
– Christina Hall, Owner

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