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Wairarapa based Marketing Agency servicing NZ Wide and abroad

Who Are We and What Are We About?

PR Marketing Solutions Ltd. (PRMS) was started in the beginning of 2018 by Phillippa.

Over the years she has worked with some exceptionally experienced, knowledgeable people and businesses over multiple marketing platforms. She saw the need for someone to help SME businesses by stepping in to take care of all their marketing needs just like major corporations have full in-house marketing teams that manage it all for them. People especially in small businesses get overwhelmed by all the different options out there and who they can trust will get results and not just try and get them to spend as much as possible with them regardless of if it is needed or not.

Over the years the business has evolved and after the lockdown due to COVID-19 in 2020, Phillippa took the opportunity to review how she wanted the business to operate in the future and what was really important in life in general, to her and her family.

After her husband Mike’s full-time position ended due to COVID-19, and they were reasonably sure they could work together without it ending in divorce, the decision was made to combine Mike’s own part time business eBusinessonline with PR Marketing Solutions.

Another positive of 2020 was people being happier to do business online, giving Phillippa and Mike the chance to finally move location to the sunny Wairarapa for a better quality of life for themselves and their son.

As the 2 main people in the business, they run it just like their personal life, Phillippa has an idea and Mike has to help the rest of the team make it come to life.

We love helping real genuine people grow their businesses.

Our values here at PRMS are:
Give a s**t
Don’t be a d**k
and take responsibility for what you/we do.

We aren’t for everyone; we don’t want to be. We like working with genuine businesses who are prepared to hear it how it is and be ready to do the things that will help move their business forward.

At PRMS, we are creative people and love working in a creative space which is always very apparent at every office they have set up.

Having a working environment that is FUN is really important for us to enjoy what we do each day as well as sharing that FUN with our everyday interactions with our clients.

But do not be fooled we still take what we do and getting you results, very seriously.

Sense of humour is a must when dealing with us. (There can be a lot of dad Jokes and blonde moments)

We operate as a small, boutique, one stop marketing shop. That means we like you to feel that we are part of your team (so don’t forget to invite us to the staff xmas party)

Marketing doesn’t need to be complicated; it needs to get your business out in front of people, start getting people through the door, and $ in the bank.

It needs to be achievable.

We will work out a great combination of marketing that matches your business and your budget getting you results.

Meet The Team

Phillippa Roil-Glendenning

Phillippa is the Marketing Strategist that comes up with the plan and the vision for each client doing marketing plans and constant reviews, social media, ads, and content writing.

Mike Roil-Glendenning

Mike is the technical side overseeing the websites and setting up the integration of businesses operating systems. Mike is also a wiz at everything needed to build and run eCommerce stores.


Jet is our Health & Wellbeing Officer. If you don’t see this staff member during client meetings or popping up on Zoom calls, you will hear him! His presence ensures a balance between work and play in the office.

He provides valuable input by walking across keyboards and demanding the most attention in the team.

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