PR Marketing Solutions

The equivalent of your own in-house marketing team, offering you a one stop marketing shop

From marketing plans to website design and everything in-between, we provide business owners with a range of marketing options, tailored to suit their needs and budget.

What’s your marketing strategy?

PR Marketing Solutions believes that every business needs to have its own marketing strategy and that what works for one business may not work for another.

 We look at all the marketing platforms available, and find the best fit for each business. Taking into account your services or products, and your ideal target audience, we’ll decide  which branding, messaging and platforms should be used.

 Using multiple platforms, all linked together with a common message and look, helps a business succeed in their overall marketing goals. Managing them all in one place is the key to ensuring the overall success of a business’s marketing efforts.

Often, businesses fall because they divide their marketing to multiple providers. Someone (often the business owner) is doing the social posts, another manages the website and another the social or Google ads. This separation can be detrimental to your marketing. We have the ability to quickly change and adapt to the fast paced world of digital media. This means we can identify a change or trend the day it happens, and change or adapt the wording of your ads and the website information to get better conversions (leads/sales).  

If you have one place looking after all your marketing, these changes can be done in 1 or 2 days to make sure you do not lose opportunities. However, if you have multiple places looking after different parts of your marketing, you can miss the opportunities and go backwards in results. By the time the business can adapt, there might be new changes, and so the cycle starts again.  

PR Marketing Solutions can stop that cycle. We’re a one stop marketing shop: a marketing team designed for SME sized businesses.  PRMS starts with a FUNdamental Marketing Plan that will look at everything you are currently doing, find out what is unique about your business, what your marketing message should be and what platforms are most suitable for your business.

 You’ll get a clear, easy to follow report, which will tell you what is working and what isn’t. You’ll see what to keep, what to change, what to get rid of and what to add into your marketing plans for the next 3 months.  At this point, you could choose to make the changes yourself. Alternatively, you could get the 90 day package from PRMS, which is ideal to get you on your way. After the 90 days, we are sure you will be impressed with the results (and not having to do the marketing yourself!), and want to continue monthly.


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St John Porirua

So far, Phillippa has saved us over $5000 in marketing that as a charity we could not afford. Phillippa sat down with me and put together a strong marketing plan for my store with no set-up or normal running costs. I am grateful for the time that she has put into setting up this plan and can say that the team do an amazing job with the small monthly budget we do have.

Bobbie Arrowsmith

Store Manager

Cupcake Sweeties

You guys have been fab to work with – really appreciate the huge effort and great communication.

We look forward to continuing working with you in future!

Christina Hall


Newton Roofing

Phillippa and the team at PR Marketing made everything so easy for me to put my business out there. Kind, nice and an all-round fun team.

Highly recommend!

Alex Newton


Lenaire Lander – Personal Stylist

I am so pleased with my brand new website! The team at PR Marketing Solutions really helped me develop the look I wanted and making changes was easy.

Great communication from Phillippa and she explained stuff to me in a language I could understand!!

Lenaire Lander

Owner & Stylist

House Of Beauty Medi Spa

I started using Phillippa and her team to get my head around what type of marketing I needed and her first marketing plan showed me what I needed and explained it all so I could understand. She started off doing just my social posts and now PR Marketing looks after all my marketing. They set us up with a new, modern website, re-branded my business with a new look and feel, and have kept this consistent through our social pages and e-newsletters. They go above and beyond to make sure my marketing is taken care of and I don’t have to worry about any of it. They even set up a full photo-shoot in the salon for our new site! If new products arrive or we have an event, Phillippa always shows up to get photos. I’m not tech-savvy and I find marketing, especially online, quite overwhelming. But now, I have total peace of mind knowing that is in the capable hands of this team.

Julie Houghton


The Roofbox Company

My company has been using PR Marketing for about a year now to help with social media posts, Google Ads, Facebook ads, my e-newsletters- just about everything.

Couldn’t be happier with the results. Always attentive. And good fun!

Can highly recommend.

Jeff Franks


Philp Accounting

We have been working with PR Marketing Solutions over the last couple of years and are very happy with all of the work that they produce for us. A great deal of thought goes into our posts and nothing is too hard for them. They are very responsive, great value and professional. We like everything about them.

Sylvia Damen

Office Manager